Object types

the comfort of your home


  • Finishing of floors: Laminate, high-grade vinyl
  • Ceilings and walls: Gypsum boards on metal substructures, sweeping and painting with dispersion paints.
  • Facade joinery: Aluminum with thermal break.
  • Interior joinery: Colorado MDF
    Sanitary ware: Ideal standard, Hatria
  • Wall and floor ceramics: Marazzi Espana, Baldocer.
  • Heating system: Radiators – convector seat
  • Air conditioning: Midea


  • Finishing of floors: 1st class Parquet
  • Ceilings and walls: Gypsum boards on metal subconstruction, sweeping and painting with dispersion paints in combination with trimmings in wood decoration 3D.
  • Facade joinery: Aluminum with thermal break.
  • Interior joinery: Painted and veneered MDF
  • Sanitary facilities: Willeroy & Boch, Geberit
  • Wall and floor ceramics: Marazzi Italy
  • Heating system: Underfloor heating – Heat pump
  • Air conditioning: LG, Samsung


  • Finishing of floors: Extra class parquet
  • Ceilings and walls: Veneered MDF
  • Facade joinery: Aluminum with thermal break, blinds
  • Interior joinery: Veneered MDF
  • Sanitary facilities: Willeroy & Boch, Geberit
  • Wall and floor ceramics: Marazzi Italy, Ragno
  • Heating system: Underfloor heating – Heat pump
  • Air conditioning: Daiken

Modular buildings of residential type

  • The purpose of the building is for housing.
  • The floor finish is parquet, the joinery is made of aluminum profiles with thermal insulation glass.
  • Floor finishes are parquet and ceramics, depending on the purpose of the room
    izborom i ugradnjom kvalitetnih materijala obezbeđuju se toplotni, zvučni, svetlosni i vazdušni komfor u objektima
  • Materials for internal processing are adapted to the purpose of the premises.
  • Konstrukcija je od montažne čelične konstrukcije fundirane na armiranobetonskim temeljima samcima koji su povezani armiranobetonskim temeljnim gredama.
  • The main bearing frame consists of two auto-stable pivots of boxed cross-sections of 100x100x3 mm and a roof tie.
  • The main frames are interconnected through the cornea and the ropes. Roof binders are steel bars. The structure is stiffened by the spatula (vertical and roof). The lower part of the construction is made of steel boxed profiles 120x100x3mm between which the floor panel is filled with polyurethane thickness d = 100 mm.
  • Facade walls and roofs are made of sandwich panel with filling thickness d = 100mm.
  • All elements are calculated and dimensioned according to current standards and regulations for this type of facility, so that static stability of objects is ensured.
  • Ivy pillars, attack and parapet are treated with alubond on a metal substructure, in the color of the choice of investors.
  • Laying gutters and gantry verticals of 10x10cm on the facade are planned. All chimney and ventilation hollows, tidal horizontals and verticals, roof tops are made of plastic sheet, of a proper thickness. Windscreen soldering is done with painted aluminum sheet.
  • The canopy at the entrance is console on a metal structure with an alabonde.
  • On the entrance and laterally on the terraces there is a barbecue made of wooden slats
  • The floor on the terrace is made of decking
  • All façade aluminum doors (windows and doors) are provided with improved aluminum profiles, with thermoprekid, with glazing 4 + 12 + 4mm thermal insulation package, which meets the required heat transfer coefficient for all positions of the external alumina, defined within the Energy Efficiency Report below Uw = 1.5W / mkv).
  • The entrance door is secure.
  • Interior wall claddings are in the Knauf W623 system - plasterboard plates with a thickness of 12.5 mm with a metal substructure. The wall is previously coated with mineral wool 75mm.
  • Monolithic suspended ceilings are working. from gypsum boardboard on metal substructure, in everything according to the project. Suspended ceiling lining with a flat horizontal view, with a covered grid of galvanized steel profiles, molded supports for supporting construction or steel subconstruction with suitable fasteners. The coating consists of one layer of plates, d = 1.25cm.
  • The ceiling flickers and fights with semi-dispersive white, the tone selected by the designer.
  • The toaster uses a waterproof gypsum board, and the ceiling of the terrace is painted with facade silicate paint.
  • Ceramic tiles - from the anti-slip I class of domestic production.


The facility is equipped with the following installations:

  • Water and sewage installations
  • Electro-energetic installations
  • Lightning installation and grounding
  • Telecommunication and signaling installations
  • The diversion of water through sanitary facilities is provided by polypropylene pipes and fittings according to the standard: DIN8077 and DIN8078. At the entrance of the water pipes to the sanitary unit, the main valve is foreseen, which will enable the closure of the whole in case of need. From entering the sanitary unit, the cold water pipes will be run in the walls at a height of 60cm from the finished floor. For each sanitary facility, a relief valve is provided, and for the cisterns EK valve Ø 1/2. After the system has been completed, the system must be tested at a pressure that is 50% higher than the work. For the preparation of hot sanitary water, local electric water heaters for a bathroom of 80 liters and for the kitchen are low 10.
  • The price does not include the purchase of water meters and the production of water meter shaft.
  • Sewerage of the facility is planned for connection to the existing city sewage network, it is necessary that the diameter of the city (primary) sewer network is minimum 150mm. Connection is provided in the revision window.
  • Sanitary elements are foreseen by this project. On the water supply, each element must be fitted with a shut-off valve so that it can be shut off from the system in the event of a malfunction, so that we do not have to close the entire system. All the batteries on the washbasins will be one-handed standing for warm and cold water. Wash basins will be mounted on the wall. In the kitchen there is a sink connection
  • The complete installation in the facility is carried out by halogen-free, heavy-duty N2XH cables
  • For air conditioning and heating, inverter air conditioners are provided
  • In places where there is a need for enhanced heating, a floor heating system with alternative energy sources is provided - heat pumps